Renewable Energy Data Acquisition System

Energy data for each system listed below can be viewed and downloaded for research and learning. Performance readings for each system are averaged over a fifteen minute interval and made available for data export or RSS feeds.


5.4 kW PV System (24 SunPower SPR-225 Panels)
Schuco Slimline V Solar Thermal Panel
Passive Solar Sun Space Design
Geothermal Heat Pump


3.07 kW PV System (24 Unisolar PVL-128 Panels)
Relion I-1000 Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Hogen RE Electrolyzer


1.08 kW PV System (18 KANEKA GSA-60 Thin Film)
Wind Turbine (2.4kW Skystream)
2 Solar Thermal Hot Water Panels

  • Apricus AP-30 Collector
  • Sunda Seido 1-8 Collector