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Fahrenheit and Celcius

Temperature is an important factor in many areas of the Solar House. Air circulating throug a building can help maintain a comfortable temperature. When temperatures are too high or too low then some people can waste energy trying to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a building. It is important to take certain precautions in preventing energy waste in areas of

GRIDc collects temperature data from various areas of the house including upper and lower sunspace in addition to ambient, or outside, air temperature.

Temperature Points: Celcius Fahrenheit
Freezing point of water 32°
Boiling Point of water 100° 212°


Fahrenheit to Celcius
Celcius to Fahrenheit
F to C
C to F


Example 1: Example 2:
Example 1 Example 2




Convert the following temperatures:

°C °F
______ 95°
15° ______
23° ______
______ 25°
______ 66°

Access the data export on the website. Gather data over an averaging period of a day on the various temperature inside and outside of the Solar House. Take the temperatures that are given in degrees Celcius and convert them to degress Fahrenheit. Use the above information if you have any questions on converting temperatures.

Location Temperature °C Temperature °F
Annex - Ambient Temperature    
Garage - Ambient Temperature    
House - Upper Sunspace    
House - Lower Sunspace    

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